SA Fashion Week 2011

About our South African Fashion Week 2011 collection.

'Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity' Albert Einstein

'Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business' - Tom Robbins

Silhouettes and Shapes: 

Lingerie: Voluptuous full briefs, “granny panties”, demure glamour. Modest silhouettes. Vintage shapes inspired by the 1950’s. Block camisoles with lace detail and long sleeved lace bra tops - designed to be worn as outerwear. Low-cut French briefs together with slouchy, lace trimmed camisoles and boy shorts. Non wired and signature lace soft cup bras. Voluminous, layered petticoat skirts and fold over harem pants. Footless tights.

Jewelry: Delicate trinket inspired necklaces, long chain necklaces.

Miniature gold amulet thread necklaces, as well as bold, oversized baroque hoop earrings. 

Fabrication/ Materials:

Lingerie: Sheer stretch mesh, Stretch satins, slinky liquid satin, nylon lycras, viscose and cotton lycra. Stretch lace details. Chiffon ties. Layered Tulle. Delicate chantilly lace. Exposed stitching. Intricate technique of ribbon stitched embroidery known as Cornelli.

Jewelry: Iconic hand-cut pendants in gold and silver. Delicate silk thread. Japanese seed beads. Natural unrefined rock crystal. Hand beaten metal. Leather.  

ruby lingerie show red tullebewitched lingerie witches hat underwearlingerie briefs greynon wired bra

Textures and Prints:

Texture: Opaque juxtaposes sheer. Cornelli embroidery reliefs on sheer mesh garments. Velvet ribbon signature detail. Lush signature details like chiffon bows and ribbon ties. Diamond mesh cut outs. All over lace.

Print: scallop/ oyster shell motif and rose baroque print for hosiery. 


This collection celebrates the most powerful and mysterious sexual organ in the human body – the brain - and our “grey matter”. Ruby goes monochrome. Expect shades of light grey, ash, gunmetal, slate, lead, coal, charcoal and jet black with signature red details. This season’s Ruby collection is conspicuous by its absence of bright colours, prints and contrasts.

Overall mood, look and feel of collection & Inspiration:

Neo-Folk inspired by our planetary environmental impasse, and revolutionary 2012 theorists - but with lush, erotic hints evident in ruby red velvet stitches - suggesting confident and expressive women warriors.

Long chain amulet and natural rock crystal necklaces inspired by protective and healing talismans from folklore and ancient times. Handmade beaded jewellery components from our signature collection take on traditional African beading techniques.

Cosmic grunge evident in our new "phases of the moon" necklace and Amulet crystal, skull motif talisman necklaces. Fold over signature design harem pants and tulle petticoats with exposed stitching influenced by Neo Folk parties at the edge of time and psychedelic mushrooms.

Like Pantysafw 2011 fashion lingerienude mesh bra

"Small is beautiful", pared down colour palette inspired by the idea of balance evident in the use of shades of grey but, with signature red detail suggesting the seed of change. Austere with lush, erotic details in red like Cornelli, rouge ribbon ties with exposed stitches. 

Underwear is the new outerwear lace bra tops, beautiful camisoles with lace detail designed to be seen, printed hosiery, petticoats designed to be worn over outerwear.

 Anything remarkable or new about this particular collection

As described above also..

The absence of colour juxtaposes the use of red as a signature detail.

Collaborations with FALKE (SA) on our printed hosiery and; Yael Lapiner a talented young designer who inspired our tulle petticoat skirts.

Saturday night luxury knickers embellished with ribbon Cornelli to resemble scallop, oyster shell shapes

For the 9th year in succession, RUBY's show rocked the catwalk at SA Fashion Week's Winter Collections for 2011. In many ways it was perhaps RUBY's strongest and tightest show to date - drawing on trends and themes from positive witchcraft to neo-gothic and tribal looks.

All garments, jewelry and accessories are RUBY originals - including the intricate ribbon-tied gloves, beaded foot jewelry, witch's hat and tulle skirts. The Neo-folk looks are inspired by our planetary environmental impasse, and revolutionary 2012 theorists - but with lush, erotic hints evident in ruby red velvet stitches - suggesting confident and expressive women warriors. 

grey tulle skirthosiery detail