SA Fashion Week 2002-2003

SA Fashion Week 2003 launched our very first stretch satin & lace lingerie collection. Signature, original designs shown included our lace band and fabric band knickers which have been best sellers ever since!  Images from this collection graced the front pages of The Star newspaper in Johannesburg and also made it to Elle USA - see our Press page for more info.

Ruby's signature beadwork pieces were also launched in 2003. Our Masai beaded shawl was featured for the first time as well as our fringed neckpieces. All our beadwork is still made by the same hands that produced the pieces for our first runway shows in 2002 & 2003.

These hands join to form the Ruby beading circle - a community upliftment initiative that was born by founder Robyn Lidsky on completion of her MA at the University of Cape Town in the use of beadwork as a job creation project.

SA Fashion Week 2002 was our very first runway show! We collaborated with GUESS denim to create an awesome range of upcycled denim garments shown together with our lingerie styles and unique beadwork.

Also featured were our Japanese inspired Karma Sutra woodblock prints & mermaid imagery on our boy leg briefs.

A show highlight was turning our signature YDE (Young Designers Emporium) retail product - our unique vacuum packed g-strings into a dress with a corset back! These garments were packed in a biltong shop (biltong is a typical South African delicacy; a dried and seasoned meat).The biltong shop located on Cape Town's iconic Long Street had a vacuum packing and sealing machine. We had to pack after hours. Thank you to Freddy who helped us pack them - we laughed into the wee hours of the morning!