'Count Fracula' BTS Part 1

"What chance does Mother Nature have? Her greatest supporters are long dead, and yet to be born." - David Gimpel

The roots of our anti-fracking protest fashion campaign emerged out of the sheer frustration at the thought of the potential ecocide that could happen as a result of fracking in the Karoo region of South Africa.

The greatest danger involved in penetrating subterranean depths to extract tight shale gas is the risk to water resources (in a water scarce country).

Each fracking well point requires around 15 million litres of water, added to which are harmful chemicals so that extraction of the gas, that's located in underground fissures or, veins can be pulled out.

Our protest campaign explores the idea of "Mother Nature" as a character in a dramatic fashion theatre. Her geological fissures and underground channels are real human veins in our lingerie mythology. "Count Fracula" with his clam-shell like Vampire cape is the dark overlord. He represents financial gain and greed at the expense of biodiversity, loss of natural habitat and the potential contamination of our most precious resource - water. 

Our "Count Fracula" walks the Earth with his sinister assistant decked in croc heads (sustainably sourced of course) and a leather corset!

We took it upon ourselves to find a hospital we could use for this shoot as we needed to communicate the idea that "Mother Nature", already on her deathbed - due to humanity's endless plunder of her precious resources, will be even worse off, should fracking occur. 

We had such fun behind the scenes despite the dire nature of our theme: