SOS // Save Our Seas


"Care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you." (Hawaiian proverb)

Despite horror statistics and ample warnings, there’s a good chance that our grandchildren will never know what wild, natural fish taste like.

But the issue goes even deeper than the fish stocks, since the sea as a living habitat has a large effect on life on earth, and that link is being threatened.

The Save our Seas (SOS) campaign weaves in mermaid mythology to introduce key, critical messages about our oceans - and how our selfish, short-sighted behaviours are messing with the only planet we have.


RUBY has been a fan of Ilse Moore’s ethereal underwater photography for ages, so it was awesome to get to work on a project together.

All lingerie and mermaids tails designed and made by RUBY (tails made of upcycled bra cups and components).