Count Fracula BTS Parts 2 and 3

Some behind the scenes pics from the making of our 'Forest' image for Parts 2 and 3 of our 'Count Fracula' anti-fracking protest fashion campaign. Together with photographer Gavin Goodman and stylist Kirsten Lipschitz we constructed an intriguing forest set complete with a giant log, Autumn leaves and lush blossoms.

'Count Fracula' - the dark Lord of the fracking lobbyists dressed in his 'shell' style cape is feasting on 'Mother Nature's gas rich veins. 

The brilliant copy we used for the final images by writer David Gimpel pulls the narrative together:

"Her fragile, fertile flesh poisoned, and laid waste.

 Her wild, pristine spirit fractured, deflowered and defiled.

 “But I had no choice,” said/protested Count Fracula, in vein. “I have jets to buy, homesteads/castles to upgrade, and wives to feed.”

 And thus, was the dastardly deed done.


Don’t listen to those doom-mongers and tree-huggers,” he assured her. “It won’t hurt at all,”

 She knew he was lying of course. She was no fool. But just then everything started blurring as she got mesmerized by the sight of triple zeroes … followed by triple zeroes…

 “Good night,” Count Fracula said to her frozen form. “May you dream of riches beyond your wildest imagination… and then wake up with a jolt! Ha-ha ha-ha!”

 And with that, he was gone.

Though the nature of our campaign was super dark there were lots of highs. Everyone involved was grateful to be involved in doing good - spreading awareness, information and knowledge about the potential dangers of fracking, whilst using the language of fashion as a thoroughfare.

Often we feel isolated and alone, we grieve for the planet's destruction but don't know what to do about it. This campaign was a way for Ruby and her talented co-creatives to express themselves, have some fun and drive brand awareness in a most unique manner.