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Meet Ruby

Ruby makes stuff that looks good, feels good and does good.

Jewellery & lingerie that’s made to be loved. And worn with laughter, pleasure and sassiness.

Ruby is a brand that will never be tamed, pigeon-holed, mass-produced, predictable or unaffordable.

We use only premium quality - and often rare - crystals, fossils, beads, precious metals, fine chain and components.

All our items are made to order in limited quantities by a small circle of Cape Town based bead workers, jewellers, silversmiths and artisans - many of whom were previously unemployed, or refugees.

The Ruby family is headed by Robyn Lidsky, the founder and head designer who has steered this ship for the last 16 years - through 10 South African Fashion Weeks, bookshelves of fashion mag shoots (including Wallpaper, US Elle, Australian Vogue and Nylon), trade shows in Vegas, Berlin and Cape Town and into boutiques from LA to Tokyo.

We love what we do. We love experimenting with new designs, recycled materials, traditional African beading techniques and having a blast.

We love the music, we love the nightlife, and we love making women feel hip, hot and happy.

About Ruby

RUBY is a freshly independent, designer-owned, fashion jewellery and accessory label based in Sea Point - a quirky seaside 'hood in Cape Town, on the south-western tip of Africa. It's a magnificent, inspiring and cosmopolitan place to live, and work.

Our signature designs reflect this exciting fusion of contemporary global design with unique African jewels, craftsmanship, materials, skills and aesthetic.

We're Hands On